Meeting Minutes

Meeting notes: 2-12-19

The club held its second meeting of the New Year at Nabeel’s with eleven members in attendance.

Bill Krauss chaired the meeting and announced changes in the officers; Dwayne Rigby as V.P. and Bruce Bizzoco as Secretary.

A BIG thanks you to Bill Bugg who managed as secretary for the past two years!

The TR-4 project, which the club has had for ~3 years, has been sold to Matthews Foreign Car Parts for $3,000 worth of credit. This credit will be used to complete the club’s MG Midget project.

The club wants to have more “work days” at Randy’s shop that will be scheduled on the weekends.

The club plans a ride on March the 16th to the Tupelo Car Museum.  Plan to leave at 8:00 a.m.  It is a 2-½ hour trip over with rest stops so plan to drive your daily driver. More information coming. Meeting location: TBD

Please check the updated website for dates on the Historic and the Indy races at Barber!

The club will plan to get a spot for the Indy race and more information will be coming soon!

The meeting concluded with our “table talk” about our individual projects.

The next meeting is planned to be at Autobahn.